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  1. Improved Share / Client Portal

    Hey team,

    What I'm about to show you is top secret information. :) Thank me later.

    JN is not the only CRM out there. But, I cancelled my other CRM because I love the simplicity of JN. Nevertheless, JN NEEDS to give the ability for us contractors to put a LOGIN section on our website to allow customers to login and view certain details about their projects.

    When customers login to their client portal, this should be the first thing they see --> or see attached image. I should get an award medal for this sh*t! :)

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    This is a great example, thank you for sharing! We have many of these same ideas for improving our existing share feature and are working towards that.

    Thank you so much for sticking with us and for providing these great suggestions. I’ll be sure the dev team gets this info and can work towards making it happen!

    And we’ll see what we can do about getting you that award ????!

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